Sunday, 19 October 2008

Website news!

Wow what a week!! I've not managed to do HUGE amounts of crafting of late becuase I've been so busy trying to sort out my website. It's been driving me crazy but I'm slowly getting somewhere at last!! I've managed to add the 'door signs' and the 'hangers' pages on the 'fimo products'page on my website -

Other news - I've also been in talks with a lady about a possible big commission, booked in some Christmas fairs and am going to be doing a 'how to' piece for a local magazine!

Onwards and upwards!!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Have been a busy old bee as always! Lots on and trying to get my website sorted - it's taking forever but watch this space! Just been on my craft forum debating about grants from charities who ask for people a certain age, or those who are unemployed etc - it's so unfair! Still, it just means everyone will have to support me by buying loads of stuff once the website is sorted! There will be lots of things like this FIMO decorated notebook!