Wednesday, 24 September 2008

And here is the cake..

Ok so I like to think I'm quite creative and am ok at baking so I decided to make my Mum's 60th Birthday cake - and here is the result! Hmmm - I'm hoping she'll be so pleased with the home made-ness of it all she won't notice the bumpy icing or anything! I deffo think I'll stick to selling FIMO, cards and jewellery!! I really should have made a FIMO topper as well but I ran out of time.

Mum's Birthday

Well it's my Mum's 60th Birthday tomorrow so here is the card I've made her using a selection on pinks and lilacs. I'm really pleased with the result - hope she likes it too!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Latest comission!

I've just finished doing my latest comission - I was asked to make this door sign for a lovely lady who wanted it for her baby daughter and she was thrilled with the result. I bought the heart sign and then hand made the letters out of FIMO - just rolling them to fir the right size/shape etc. I made the flower out of FIMO too by rolling each petal into a ball and then flattening one end and squeezing the other and then sticking them all together, finished off with some varnish. For £6 I think the lady got a quality handmade item!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Poorly week!

Phew what a week! I've been ill in bed most of it with a tummy bug so not much time for crafting so for now I'll just add a quick pic - one of the cards I sold at the Swallowfield show a few weeks ago!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I'm so excited about my first post I thought I'd give another one a go! Here is a charm bracelet I've made in greens/turquoise - I'm really into chrams and braclets at the mo. They are very 'on trend' as my sis would say and I just like them because they remind me of when I was little!
I think these will be good for Christmas too, as will my FIMO models like this Noah's ark set!

Well this is my first post so excuse me if I do it wrong!
There hasn't been much time for crafting this week end as I've been busy with friends and family but did manage to get on and do some bits last night. I've also been contacting a few people about selling my stuff in their shops and having some of my back to school stuff like this pencil topper!