Sunday, 19 April 2009

I've recently bought a new light tent - have been playing around with it and taking some better pics to go on my webiste. Here is one of the very popular wine bottle charm mobile phone charms. I'm sooo pleased with the quality and light of the photo! Just need to get round to uploading all the pics now!!!!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Well the talk at the school went really well - the kids were really funny telling me how rich I must be - ha! I wish!! I ave them a thank you card that they all had to try and copy as closely as they could - the students all had various special needs and learning difficulties so it was quite a challenge for them but they did really well.

In other news it's the same old same old really! I've just bought a light tent so can't wait till I get that - can start taking some better pics for my website! In the meantime, here's one of a thank you card - not the one I did for the kids but hey...think it'll be a good one for father's day!!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

New look for the blog!

Wow! Can't believe it's March already! Have been so busy making new products that I've not done any updating of the blog. In a new attempt to keep it all updated and exciting I've changed the template - to pink, of course!!!

News this week: I'm doing a talk at a local school about setting up a business which should be good for me and I'm really happy to be passing on some useful info to the students too! Other news, I've been looking into my most popular products - my decorated drawing pins seem to be topping the poll at the mo - the picture is of the pink flower range which have diamante centers - they're so cute!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


I know I always start by saying how busy I've been but the past few weeks have been MENTAL! But very exciting!!

Ok first off, I've been doing lots of fairs! One of them was at St Joes - my old school which was a bit strange but it was BRILL! I sold more than I ever have and it was a lovely Christmas fair and got me in the Christmas mood!!

I've also started selling in a shop which is really cool! I've had an email from the shop owner and things are selling really well - I've even had an extra order for more of my wine bottle phone charms!

I've also been published in a local magazine called Loddon Reach!!!!!!! I did a 'how to' article for children - tin foil Christmas decs.
Tin Foil Christmas Tree Decoration
You will need:
Tin foil
Ballpoint pen
Thread, ribbon or wire
Glitter glue if required
What to do:
1. Start by cutting out a large piece of tine foil. Then, cover the non shiny side in glue (picture 1) and fold the tin foil in half so the shiny side is on the outside.
2. Lay the foil on a flat surface and gently smooth out the foil, making sure it’s all stuck together. (picture 2)
3. Next, take a ballpoint pen and draw out a Christmas tree shape. Press firmly but be careful not to rip the foil – this may take some practice! (picture 3)
4. Once you’ve drawn your shape, you can then cut round it – leaving a little gap/border of foil around the design. (picture 4)
5. Turn the tree over and you’ll be able to see your funky raised design! You could use this to decorate a Christmas card or better still, why not make a decoration out of it?
6. All you need to do is take a length of thread or ribbon (choose a nice Christmas colour like glittering red), fold it in half to form a loop, lay the two cut ends together on the back of the tree design and stick down with cellotape. (picture 5)
7. To add a bit of extra sparkle, turn the design over so you have the raised design facing you. Use glitter glue to add baubles and/or tinsel to your tree and allow to dry.
8. Once you’ve made your tree, why not try some other Christmas shapes like a present, snowman or even Father Christmas. (picture 6)
This design is brought to you by Craft Sensations. We are a locally based company which makes and sell handmade products including jewellery, cards and FIMO products – everything from models and cake toppers to decorated stationery items! We also offer a range of training courses and workshops for adults and children. Have a look at the website to find out more!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Website news!

Wow what a week!! I've not managed to do HUGE amounts of crafting of late becuase I've been so busy trying to sort out my website. It's been driving me crazy but I'm slowly getting somewhere at last!! I've managed to add the 'door signs' and the 'hangers' pages on the 'fimo products'page on my website -

Other news - I've also been in talks with a lady about a possible big commission, booked in some Christmas fairs and am going to be doing a 'how to' piece for a local magazine!

Onwards and upwards!!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Have been a busy old bee as always! Lots on and trying to get my website sorted - it's taking forever but watch this space! Just been on my craft forum debating about grants from charities who ask for people a certain age, or those who are unemployed etc - it's so unfair! Still, it just means everyone will have to support me by buying loads of stuff once the website is sorted! There will be lots of things like this FIMO decorated notebook!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

And here is the cake..

Ok so I like to think I'm quite creative and am ok at baking so I decided to make my Mum's 60th Birthday cake - and here is the result! Hmmm - I'm hoping she'll be so pleased with the home made-ness of it all she won't notice the bumpy icing or anything! I deffo think I'll stick to selling FIMO, cards and jewellery!! I really should have made a FIMO topper as well but I ran out of time.